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Citizen Science Zurich

Citizen Science Zurich

  • Zürich Cats: Find out about your cat's health!

    Do you live in Zurich and have a cat? Then take part in the Citizen Science project "FELIDAE"! You will learn more about your cat's health and make a valuable contribution to science!

  • sdg summer school

    SDG Summer School in Geneva

    Still no plans for the summer? Embark on a global innovation journey with SDG Summer School 2024 – deadline for registration is extended to 31 May! Stipends are available for students in Zurich.

  • HealthFerm – The Sourdough Microbiome

    Do you live in the Canton of Jura, in Central- or Eastern Switzerland? Do you bake your own sourdough bread? Science needs you!

  • 🐷Wild boar behind pink skin? Help us explore the behaviour of domestic pigs!

    Watch short video clips of curious pigs and answer a few questions. Various surprises await the most diligent among you!

  • Blog en

    Citizen Science in nature and species conservation

    Citizen observations are enormously important for documenting nature and species conservation. We present six exciting Citizen Science projects in this area.

  • newsletter

    Our latest newsletter is out!

    Every two months we send out the most important news compactly packed in our newsletter. Available in English or German, it contains updates about our activities and services at Citizen Science Zurich as well as inputs and guest contributions from our community. Read what's new!

  • Welcome

    Citizen Science Zurich is a joint initiative by the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, supported by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland. We strive for an open, diverse and inclusive science, where research is done with the public and for the public. Therefore, we want to inspire and support people to engage in different forms of participatory research.

How can we help you?

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Get started

Wondering about Citizen Science? Curious to see real world examples? Find inspiration and more information.

Get involved

Are you looking for opportunities to participate in research projects? Browse through our various Citizen Science projects or get in touch with us.


Do you want to improve your skills and knowledge in Citizen Science? Take a look at our trainings and workshops for students, researchers, practitioners and citizens.


Do you have a project idea and need conceptual or financial support? Take a look at our different support services.

Digital Tools

Do you want to collect or analyze digital data but lack the right tool to do so? Take a look at our tools to set up and run Citizen Science projects.

Get connected

Are you looking for ways to get involved in our community? Connect with us, become a member or join forces with us as our partners.

Upcoming events

  • Sat, 1.6.
    10:00 Uhr
    1.6.2024, 10:00: Bullinger-Briefwechsel – Zürichs Erbe erschliessen
  • Sat, 8.6.
    12:00 Uhr
    8.6.2024, 12:00: Science and Nature Festival 2024
  • Fri, 14.6.
    08:30 Uhr
    14.6.2024, 08:30: Workshop: Open Data mit Zenodo für Citizen Science
  • Tue, 18.6.
    12:00 Uhr
    18.6.2024, 12:00: Lunch & Learn Open Science: "Elsevier, data kraken"
  • Wed, 21.8.
    12:00 Uhr
    21.8.2024, 12:00: Lunch & Learn Open Science: "FAIR Use of GPT-Generated Data in SSH Research: A Practical Guide"
  • Wed, 25.9.
    12:00 Uhr
    25.9.2024, 12:00: Lunch & Learn Open Science: "FAIR data for reproducible research"
  • Thu, 26.9.
    16:00 Uhr
    26.9.2024, 16:00: Save the Date: Open House Citizen Science Zürich
  • Wed, 9.10.
    09:00 Uhr
    9.10.2024, 09:00: Forum Citizen Science
  • Wed, 23.10.
    12:00 Uhr
    23.10.2024, 12:00: Lunch & Learn Open Science: "Funder requirements and publisher's conditions"

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