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Citizen Science Zurich

Grants & Services

Do you have a project idea and need support? We offer various services to support you and your participatory Citizen Science project - from conception to implementation. 

We encourage and facilitate the implementation of participatory Citizen Science projects by providing support in different areas, from financial resources through Seed Grants, to methodology and tools for the implementation of projects.

How can we support you?

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Do you want to start your own Citizen Science project and have questions how to do so? Please contact us for a conversation about your idea, we are happy to help both researchers and citizens alike. Your inquiries are warmly welcome.

Do you have a Citizen Science project idea and need financial support to realize it? With our Seed Grants we support pilot projects with up to 40'000 CHF. The next call will open in November 2024.

Project Support & Facilitation

More about Project Support & Facilitation

Do you need help in implementing your project? We offer support with different aspects of project implementation, from conceptual design to execution, including aspects such as how to involve and reward participants. We are also happy to help you facilitate co-creation processes.

Guidelines & Templates

Citizen Science is an ever-evolving field. Ongoing projects, fresh articles in scientific journals, and updated manuals and guides contribute to its dynamic nature. Keeping up with it all can be quite a challenge! To assist you in navigating this landscape, we've curated a collection of resources on the subpage titled "Guidelines & Templates" that we personally find useful.

Access our subpage Guidelines & Templates 

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Are you planning a project that requires digital data collection? Or do you need help to analyze large amounts of existing data? With our free and open-source Digital Tools you can create and run your own project via a user-friendly step-by-step interface.

Do you want to enhance your skills and knowledge of Citizen Science? Are you eager to get to know new methods in participatory research or learn how to best collaborate with your community? Take a look at our trainings and courses to find the format that suits your needs.

Are you looking for partners to join forces in your project? Do you require a specific community to participate in your research? Explore our network of partners and members. We are happy to build bridges between different actors within our community.