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Citizen Science Zurich


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We regularly publish news that is relevant for our community. This includes updates about projects, upcoming events and trainings, as well as in-depth articles about participatory Citizen Science and related topics.

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News about Citizen Science Zurich, our activities, and our community.

Events and trainings organized by us or our network.

Articles, interviews and more extensive features about participatory Citizen Science and related topics.


Every two months we send out the most important news compactly packed in our newsletter. Available in English or German, it contains updates about our activities and services at Citizen Science Zurich as well as inputs and guest contributions from our community. On the subpage "Newsletter" you find all information about it, you can browse through past newsletters and subscribe to it.


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Guest contributions

Do you have news to share, an interesting event you organize, or an in-depth article in the field of participatory Citizen Science? We welcome the chance to highlight content which resonates with our community’s interests.

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