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Citizen Science Zurich


Do you want to improve your skills and knowledge in Citizen Science? We offer various courses and workshops for students, researchers, Citizen Science practitioners and citizens.

We encourage everyone involved in Citizen Science to expand their skills and acquire competencies for Citizen Science. We offer a variety of trainings for students, researchers, citizens, and professionals such as staff of museums, archives, libraries or science centers. Our training options cover a wide range, starting from an introduction to Citizen Science and extending to specific skills development necessary for planning, conducting, and evaluating participatory Citizen science projects.

We are also happy to support your organization or your project with customized training. Reach out to us and tell us what you need - we're here to help!

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Creditable courses for students and PhDs

Are you a student or PhD candidate who would like to learn more about Citizen Science and train your skills in participatory research? Explore our diverse range of courses that not only provide valuable insights but also offer the chance to earn ECTS credits while you learn.

Courses for researchers and practitioners

Are you working in the field of Citizen Science and looking to improve your practical skills in specific areas? We offer an array of training formats covering a wide variety of topics related to Citizen Science.

Further course offers

Are you actively involved in a museum, library or archive? Or are you a citizen curious to learn more about Citizen Science? We offer different workshops tailored for you.

Upcoming events

  • Tue, 5.12.
    12:30 Uhr
    5.12.2023, 12:30: Lunch & Learn Open Science – Bye bye Elsevier! Der Weg zu Platinum Open Access am Beispiel der Zeitschrift SComS
  • Sun, 10.12.
    15:00 Uhr
    10.12.2023, 15:00: Geplündert oder gekauft? Die Wege von Objekten in eine Museumssammlung als Spiegel von Weltsichten
  • Thu, 14.12.
    12:15 Uhr
    14.12.2023, 12:15: Informations-Event auf Deutsch: Seed Grants Ausschreibung 2024
  • Mon, 18.12.
    14:00 Uhr
    18.12.2023, 14:00: Online-Podiumsdiskussion: Interesse für Wissenschaft kennt kein Alter. Citizen Science und Wissenschaftsvermittlung mit und für ältere Menschen
  • Mon, 8.1.
    12:15 Uhr
    8.1.2024, 12:15: MethodenMontag: Three Types of Knowledge Tool – Drei Arten des Wissens
  • Thu, 11.1.
    12:15 Uhr
    11.1.2024, 12:15: English Information Event: Seed Grants Call 2024
  • Tue, 16.1.
    16:00 Uhr
    16.1.2024, 16:00: General Assembly Citizen Science Zurich
  • Thu, 18.1.
    09:00 Uhr
    18.1.2024, 09:00: Workshop: Citizen Science in Bibliotheken und Archiven (Kurstag 1)
  • Tue, 23.1.
    09:00 Uhr
    23.1.2024, 09:00: Workshop: Citizen Science in Bibliotheken und Archiven (Kurstag 2)

Past trainings and events

Over the last few years, we have tried out different exchange formats and organized various discussion series, lectures, and training sessions on a wide range of topics. While some of these formats are no longer available, you can find a comprehensive list of these past events on the dedicated subpage titled "Past trainings and events".

Access our subpage Past trainings and events

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Do you have questions regarding the courses? Or are you looking for customized training for your organization or project? Reach out to us and tell us what you need!

Contact Melanie Brand

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science refers to the involvement of members of the general public ("citizens") in the scientific research process. It is a form of public participation that works across many disciplines and that comes with different flavors and names, including community based research, crowd-sourced data collection, civic science, and more.