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Citizen Science Zurich


Do you want to set up your own Citizen Science project and have questions how to do so? Or are you looking for opportunities to participate in projects? We offer individual consultations for researchers and citizens.

As part of our support, we are always available to have a conversation about your project or idea. This is offered equally to academic scientists and citizens seeking to either participate in research or start a new project.

Consultations for designing and planning your project

Designing, planning, and implementing Citizen Science projects may be challenging, especially when approaching the methodology for the first time. We are there to help you. Our team is available to investigate together with you all aspects of your idea. We can help you evaluate your project and potentially provide you with expertise and tools to develop, set up, and run your project.

Contact us via email! Our consultations are free of charge for everyone.

Consultations for participating in projects

Possibilities to be involved in Citizen Science projects are very diverse and depend on each project. Participation may require different levels of involvement and different “tasks”, for example taking pictures in a natural environment or analysing historical documents.
You can find our current Citizen Science projects and the possibilities to get involved on theProjects page. Contact us if you want to know more!

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Participate in Citizen Science projects

More about Participate in Citizen Science projects

Take a look at our Citizen Science projects.

Need a tool to collect or analyze data?

More about Need a tool to collect or analyze data?

Are you planning a project where you need to collect digital data? Do you need help to analyze big amounts of existing data? With our open Digital Tools you can create and run your own project via a simple step-by-step interface.

Handbook - Practicing Citizen Science in Zurich

A practical guide on how to successfully design and run co-created Citizen Science projects, with some specific tips for practitioners in Zurich.


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