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Citizen Science Zurich

Project Support

Do you need support in designing or implementing your project? We support projects in different aspects - from conception to implementation.

We are always interested in project collaborations and would like to help any good citizen science project grow. However, our resources only allow us to support a limited number of projects. Therefore, we focus on supporting projects that reflect our core values:

  • Participation: We prioritize projects with an active and meaningful participation of citizen scientists in the different phases of the research process, from funding allocation, topic selection, and research design, to execution, interpretation, and dissemination of results.
  • Excellence: We focus on projects that reflect the highest standards possible in terms of scientific rigor, data security, and research ethics.
  • Openness: We focus on projects that adhere to the principles of open science (open access to data and publications) and operate in a fully transparent manner so that the public benefits.

We also aim at supporting research that generates knowledge and data to help assessing, monitoring and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We encourage project proposers to reflect on how their research can benefit this global effort.

Support with conceptual design

There are several aspects that you need to consider when planning your Citizen Science project. We support you across these aspects, ranging from impact-oriented planning (how do I achieve impact?), to community management (how do I reach out to participants, how do I involve and motivate them?), to public communication (how do I communicate about my project and its achievements?), to evaluation (how do I measure the success of my project?).

Support with project implementation

The planning of your Citizen Science project is done – now it needs to transition from paper to reality. We also offer support in various aspects of project implementation. This support can encompass areas such as communications, community management, event organization and customized use of our tools, among others.

Support with professional facilitation

Participatory Citizen Science projects benefit greatly from professional facilitation. Are you considering whether this could be useful for your project? We are happy to support you or establish contact between you and experts from our network.

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Have we sparked your interest and would you like to benefit from our project support? Contact us so we can find out together how we can best support you. 

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Example of project support in implementation and communication

"Know the air you breathe" is a project that we supported with the organization of co-creation workshops and project communication.