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Citizen Science Zurich

The Outbreak: Co-Designing a Graphic Novel on Pandemics and Bioethics

The COVID 19 pandemic has raised several bioethical questions, such as "what does it mean to behave with respect and solidarity in a pandemic?", "How do we weigh the autonomy of the individual against the benefit to society?", and more.

In The Otbreak team, with the support of Citizen Science Zurich, bioethicists and designers work together to create a "graphic novel" in collaboration with a diversely composed "mini-public" of Generation Z, which illustrates bioethical topics in the form of a comic in book format. The format will help to raise awareness and understanding with regard to bioethical issues in everyday life and to contribute to societal resilience in dealing with public health crises.

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Rosy Mondardini
Citizen Science Zurich
ETH Zurich & University of Zurich