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Citizen Science Zurich


Citizen Science for monitoring climate impacts and achieving climate resilience


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched by the United Nations in 2015, are underpinned by 169 concrete targets and 232 measurable indicators. Some of these indicators have no established measurement methodology. For others, many countries do not have the data collection capacity. Measuring progress towards the SDGs is thus a challenge for most national statistical offices.

About the project

The goal of the Crowd4SDG project was to research the extent to which Citizen Science can provide an essential source of non-traditional data for tracking progress towards the SDGs, as well as the ability of Citizen Science to generate social innovations that enable such progress. Based on shared expertise in crowdsourcing for disaster response, the transdisciplinary Crowd4SDG consortium of six partners focused on SDG 13 – climate action – to explore new ways of applying Citizen Science for monitoring the impacts of extreme climate events and strengthening resilience of communities to climate-related disasters.

Citizen Science Zurich was supporting this project as a third party in collaboration with the University of Geneva.

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Rosy Mondardini
Citizen Science Zurich
ETH Zurich & University of Zurich


05.2020 - 04.2023